“Project Caravan,” which travels from city to city to warn of the impending judgment day, spreads their word near the National Mall.They say the end of days will take place this Saturday, May 21.

While a couple of you noted you’d be seeking out a church pew, the overwhelming response was that you’d like to, as Going Out Guide’s Lavanya Ramanathan so succinctly put it, “party like it’s the end of days.”

Countdown to Doomsday:

Here are some of the suggestions you left in the comments and sent by e-mail: A “boozy, decadent” dinner at Bar Pilar. A “sweaty, 90s dance party” at Cafe Saint-Ex. Big Hunt for cider, fries and wings. A chili cook-off featuring Weezer. And apparently nothing screams Rapture quite like all-you-can-eat cheese pupusas from El Rinconcito II.

It’s serendipitous that the end (evidently a six-month ordeal of hellfire, brimstone and demonic prodding, for sinners anyway) begins on a Saturday, inspiring local bars and nightclubs to greet the prophesy in proper form.

Brightest Young Things is holding an “End of the World” party Saturday night (and a “Morning After” party on Sunday). Drag singer Special Agent Galactic is doing special performances dubbed “Rapture” Friday and Saturday night. Going Out Guide has all the details.

And if partying your way into eternal damnation just isn’t your style, one of our commenters suggests keeping it simple atop the Washington Monument:

“That way, I could watch the wave from a nuclear blast come on in. Greatest view in the Capital, even checking out.”