View Photo Gallery: Because of interfaith marriages — and divorces — many children are being raised with combined holiday traditions. Some divorced couples formalize rules in custody agreements.

Judging by the number of people on Metro and on the streets this morning, there are about five of us at work today, post-Long Weekend of Gluttony. That means you could probably use this roundup of stories worth reading:

Sharing traditions ... and custody. As more divorced parents share child custody, legal agreements increasingly spell out the terms of how parents express their faith in front of the children. (Hold on, does this mean the end of Chrismukkah?)

UC-Berkeley and other ‘public Ivies’ in fiscal peril. Across the nation, a historic collapse in state funding for higher education threatens to diminish the stature of premier public universities and erode their mission as engines of upward social mobility.

Metro rider, struck by train, is ‘back on track.’ I don’t know if “back on track” is the best or worst human-interest-story play on words ever, but never mind: What’s important is that Victor Robinson is learning to walk again after having an epileptic seizure and falling onto the track bed at the Friendship Heights station in August.

Guess it wasn’t worth the wait. From columnist Mike Wise: After a promising start, the Wizards’ opening night devolves into a tired act we’ve seen before.

What is with this weather? According to Capital Weather Gang, continue to enjoy partly sunny skies for most of the week (except today, of course.)