Nearly two dozen dogs rescued from a South Carolina puppy mill arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League Wednesday evening.

The 23 dogs were among nearly 250 animals rescued by the Humane Society from a property in Edgefield County, S.C.

In addition to more than 200 dogs of various breeds and ages, nine horses and 40 fowl were found at the property. WARL officials reported that the animals had been suffering neglect and abuse.

The puppies and their nursing mothers were being kept in filthy rabbit hutches, WARL said. Some of the larger breed were found in pens or running loose on the property.

The dogs were being held at a temporary animal shelter in Columbia, S.C., before they were brought to the WARL shelter in Northwest D.C. this week.

WARL said that they include a variety of breeds, including Maltese, terriers, beagles, Labs, and huskies. Many of the dogs are suffering from eye infections, skin irritations, dental problems, and lack of socialization.

The dogs will be treated at WARL and are expected to be ready for adoption in the next couple of weeks.