Good afternoon. A big news day here in the District and in Asia, where the death toll continues to climb in the Japanese quake and tsunami that followed. Several D.C. areas blogs have posts about the quake, which I've included in today's roundup. We also have a list of quake resources, which includes information on how to locate people in the quake area as well as details about how you can help quake victims.

There has been an outpouring of support and international sympathy for the victims of the quake and tsunami in Japan. Surprising Science offers some information on the science behind the quake in Japan and the tsunami that followed.

Meanwhile, Midnight Train to D.C. offers a prayer for those in Japan and reflects on the time spent in a country that she grew to love.

Lobbyists versus lawmakers in the Congressional Hockey Challenge held Thursday night. Who came out on top? Life in the Village has the final score.

From Park View, D.C. — the new Petworth Library is holding an open house this Sunday .

We Love D.C. has the scoop on a fleet of new food trucks coming to D.C. this spring.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. I'll be back Monday with more great posts from the D.C. area blogosphere.