Leah Mack of Union Bridge, Md., milks a cow across from the Capitol at a protest in favor of raw milk. (By James Buck/The Washington Post)

Charlie Syski, 7, of Brookville, Md., wants his raw milk! (By James Buck/The Washington Post)

What’s their beef? Raw milk sales are banned in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. Fans of the untreated stuff set up a cooperative distribution network to get the dairy drink to the metro region, but transporting uncured milk across state lines is a crime, says the Justice Department.

The FDA warns that raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria, including salmonella and e. coli.

That didn’t stop Grassfed members from bringing gallons of raw milk in coolers to pass out to thirsty rally-goers on the lawn, who grabbed the plastic cups faster than they could be filled by volunteers.

Volunteers at the rally gave out samples of raw milk. (By James Buck/The Washington Post)

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