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The search for Cokie Roberts’s lost dog ended sadly on Thursday morning. Five days after the NPR correspondent’s newly adopted black Labrador went missing, volunteers found her body near a Bethesda middle school. She had been hit by a car.

Cokie Roberts adopted Katie last Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Lab Rescue of LRCP)

Push said Katie was identified and pronounced dead at a veterinary clinic.

“We are so terribly sad about the news,” Roberts said in a press release.

Roberts, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, had adopted the 5-year-old rescue dog on Saturday.

During the search for Katie, rescuers found another lost dog, which the club has taken in until the owner claims it. If no one claims the dog, Push said, the rescue group will place it in a new home.

Staff writer Maggie Fazeli-Fard contributed to this report.