Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. (JOSHUA LOTT/REUTERS)

Dontcha’ know, Sarah Palin is coming to town this weekend, and you may see her cruising the streets of D.C. on the back of a hog.

The former Alaska governor, who is the subject of a lot of overheated speculation about whether she will run for president in 2012, has accepted an invitation to participate in the annual Rolling Thunder memorial ride this Sunday, an official says.

“As far as I know, she is trying to rent a motorcycle, so she can ride with her husband,” said Nancy Regg, a spokeswoman for Rolling Thunder.

Gregg says the tentative plan is for Palin to join up with the ride at the Pentagon at 7 a.m. The ride kicks off at noon, and hundreds of bikers will snake through D.C. to the event’s main stage, which will be between the Reflecting Pool and the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the Mall. The program is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m.

Gregg said Palin is currently not scheduled to speak at the event and watchers should not expect any type of “political statement” from Palin during Rolling Thunder.

Sarah Palin’s aides have not responded yet to a request for comment on her plans.

The Rolling Thunder appearance is Palin’s first stop on a nationwide bus tour she’s dubbed “One Nation.” Here’s Palin on why she’s getting on the bus:

“We'll celebrate the good things that bring Americans together; those things that will give us the needed strength to meet the heady challenges ahead. I’ve said many times that America doesn’t need a ‘fundamental transformation,’ instead we need a restoration of all that is good and strong and free in America! So, together let’s prepare ourselves for the days ahead by reminding ourselves who we are and what Americans stand for.”

Palin will make the tour in a brightly colored coach that features images of the Liberty Bell, the constitution and snow-capped mountains. She plans to stop at historical sites that played important roles in the nation’s formation. Palin will reportedly be joined by members of her family and make stops in key presidential primary states, such as New Hampshire.

So will she or won’t she run? The Post’s Dan Balz analyzes her prospects. Her staff has deflecting questions about a possible run, saying she’s going on the bus tour “because she wants to see how this nation was built and get fired up about that.”

Hmmm....We’ll try to catch her for a better answer on her motorcycle.

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