(Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

 A familiar tune curled into my ears. I spied on the opposite street corner a man sitting on a white bucket. He had one hand on his trumpet, the other waving in the air, as he played a jazzy interpretation of the Star Spangled Banner. The city's usual noises -- the rush of traffic, screeching bus brakes and whir of ever-present police sirens--- seemed to fade away.

I fished my iPhone out of my pocket and hit “record,” capturing the man's tunes, the moment, and the soundtrack of the city on a Summer afternoon.

Listen here:

Perhaps you've also been inspired to record or take video of street performers busking in Washington for spare change. If so, drop a comment below about the experience — where, who, and what about the musicians’ songs appealed to you.

If you happen to find a talented performer this week, send us the recording. We'll post the best ones here on this blog. You can add audio or video by clicking the button below:

(You can also help me out. I regret that I was unable to stop and give the mysterious trumpeter some of the quarters I had in my pocket that day. If in the next few days  you recognize the trumpeter from the recording above, send me his location on Twitter, so I can track him down and pay my dues.)