Single ladies of the Washington region, you’re in luck: D.C. has the sixth highest number of sugar daddies per capita compared with the rest of the U.S., says relationship service

View Photo Gallery: A new day in Washington often means another absurd, painfully accurate and always entertaining superlative for us pops up in the news. Ugliest? Check. Happiest single ladies? Check. Highly caffeinated? You know it. Read on for more examples of what the rest of the country thinks we are.

If you’re looking for a rich, older man to support your 1 percenter lifestyle, here are his credentials:

About 18 percent of D.C. sugar daddies are business owners and entrepreneurs, reports Brandon Wade, CEO of Lobbyists, a job that’s pretty much unique to D.C., make up 7 percent of the sugar daddies, Wade says.

The average age of the D.C. sugar daddy is 41, a couple of years older than the national average, Wade says. Close to half of D.C. sugar daddies are married, compared to 40 percent nationally.

Using the most recent Census data and Wade’s per-capita measurements (2.24 sugar daddies per 1,000 people), about 450 adult men in the District are sugar daddies.

The city with the highest amount of sugar daddies per capita is San Francisco, with 3.51 per 1,000 people, Wade says. officially endorsed Mitt Romney in January when he gave the cash in his wallet to a 55-year-old unemployed woman. The act was “Sugar Daddy-ism at its best,” Wade said in a press release.