(Bill Roth/AP)

Snow is possible Thursday. Commence regional freakout.

FAA head Randy Babbit on leave after drunk driving arrest in Fairfax. Babbitt, 65, was arrested after being spotted driving on the wrong side of Old Lee Highway, according to the arresting officer.

For all your holiday party needs: Hangover pill approved by FDA. It’s peak holiday party season in Washington and a pill called Blowfish promises to alleviate all of your hangover-related problems. Enough said.

After eventful Occupy D.C. protest, is it time to praise the police? Columnist Petula Dvorak thinks so. “Its construction was pure provocation of a police force that has already been stunningly accommodating and patient with the Occupy protesters,” Dvorak wrote of a 15-foot-tall structure that served as a tension point between police and protesters in McPherson Square Sunday. (Poll: A turning point?)

Is there still hope for the New Year’s resolution? Yes, we make them. No, we usually don’t stick with them. Change that pattern with a few simple tips.

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