Good morning. The heat wave has broken, and a less-humid set of temperatures in the 80s are on the way; perfect summer weather, IMHO.

The 12-year-old honor roll student who was found slain in her Gaithersburg home Tuesday has been identified as Jennifer Nguyen. Police say the are investigating “any person or any situation that Jessica may have come in contact with, or found herself in.”

Best-read city? Amazon says Alexandria is the second-best-read city in the whole U.S. of A. but Tom Jackman rightfully casts doubt on that pseudo-award. Where have you seen more people reading books, newspapers or magazines? How about New York City, Madison, Wis., San Francisco, Missoula, Mont.?

Caleb Matthew Miller, 11, from Monroe, La., spells his word in his hand during round two of the National Spelling Bee. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

The panda pregnancy game is a springtime ritual in Washington. Is Mei Xiang with cub? How about that non-panda-looking red panda Shama? Whether we’ll get a new “butterstick” at the National Zoo or not, the panda-keepers have learned to be prepared, which means making baby formula.

Honestly, the people you may meet in the Washington area are fascinating. That 91-year-old who lived in a Potomac nursing home until Tuesday? Four-time national tennis champion Pauline Betz, of whom another tennis great wrote: “I can’t believe any woman who ever lived could keep up with Pauline Betz. On the court she was the best athlete I ever saw in women’s tennis.”

Better check your Gmail, especially if you are a a senior government official (or just play one, in the bars). Chinese hackers gained access to hundreds of such accounts, and “vast quantities” of email have been affected.

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