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Squirrel Week D.C. Love them or hate them, help us celebrate white squirrels, cross-dressing squirrels and other quirky rodents. Today, meet Tommy Tucker, the District's most stylish squirrel. Then share your squirrel photos here.

View Photo Gallery: Squirrels are either the cutest things you ever did see or birdseed-stealing vermin who have no place in polite society. Here’s why we’re fascinated/repelled by our furry friends/fiends.

Ignition locks to fight Va. DUIs. The measure has sparked debate between groups battling drunken driving and those representing offenders.

In Mt. Vernon Triangle, replacing crime and parking lots. New residential, office and retail developments are signs of the neighborhood’s reinvention.

Gambling again at forefront in Maryland. Four years after the issue was thought to have been settled, a major bill still awaits a vote.

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-- The final design concepts in the National Mall Design Competition will be on display for public viewing and comment beginning Monday, competition officials announced.  

-- Eggs will roll Monday morning as an expected 30,000 kids and parents flock to White House's South Lawn for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

View Photo Gallery: The White House will hold its Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn on April 9. This will be the 134th year for the event.