View Photo Gallery: Philanthropist David M. Rubenstein is donating $4.5 million to National Zoo’s giant panda reproduction program, which will pay the tab for five years of reproduction efforts and other costs.

Here are our picks for the five stories to read this morning.

Floating dormitory sets sets sail. The cruise ship that served as an impromptu St. Mary’s College residence hall has returned to sea.

A new panda for the National Zoo? Beloved panda Mei Xiang hasn’t had a cub in five years. Monday’s donation might mean a new bear.

O’Malley signs Md. land-use order despite vehement objections. Gov. Martin O’Malley signed an executive order intended to curb sprawl that could affect every facet of growth.

The battle over Alexandria’s waterfront. Bert Ely, one of the citizens appointed to find consensus on the waterfront, says he’s still against it.

Test your knowledge of 2011’s biggest local stories. From an earthquake to a basketball brawl, how well do you know the year’s top 10 local stories?

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