Here are our picks for the stories to read ahead of your evening commute:

Mo’Nique helps campaign for same-sex marriage. A coalition advocating the legalization of same-sex marriage in Maryland on Wednesday served up its most spirited video — featuring Oscar-winning actress and comedienne Mo’Nique — as part of an ongoing Web campaign.

• Lululemon murder suspect “lost it.” Brittany Norwood “lost it” and killed co-worker Jayna Murray during an “horrific fight” inside a Bethesda yoga store, Norwood’s defense attorney said Wednesday.

Mold = cruise ship. An outbreak of mold at St. Mary’s College of Maryland this fall presented a logistical nightmare: There was nowhere to put the students. Hotels are scarce around the remote campus. Enter the solution — a cruise ship.

Stinkbug tidal wave avoided. For months in the spring and summer, homeowners and farmers alike in Loudoun County braced themselves for the triumphant return of the brown marmorated stink bugs. It never happened.

Fashion was the main story at Dupont High Heel Race. The blockaded street assumed the duty of a runway prior to the race as extravagantly dressed participants flaunted their intricate costumes. Cara Kelly has more.