Or work the midnight shift: Dennis Parker, the midnight tire changer.who works at the only 24-hour tire service station in the District, Maryland or Virginia, is the subject of the first of a series of stories about the nightside worker in our area.

Budget cuts in Prince George’s County schools mean 700 teaching jobs will be lost, as the $1.6 billion budget was finally passed early this morning.

D.C. public schools Acting Chancellor Kaya Henderson speaks with D.C. Council members at her confirmation hearing June 16. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

A lot of health issues vie for attention in this corner of the world — diabetes, cancer, obesity. But the top concern of D.C. residents, according to the new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll, is HIV/AIDS, perhaps because of the high rate of infection here.

Then there are addictions, like gambling. A new study reports that 150,000 Marylanders have a gambling problem — and this is just as slots casinos are just starting up.

Metro workers say they and the riders of the area’s buses and trains share a lot of the same concerns. Their union had a public hearing last night and union leaders will live-chat online at 10 a.m.

Giving ’em the slip: An 18-year-old who escaped from a detention facility in South Carolina in April is on the loose again, having taken off from police at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport. Although he’s a serial escapee, police have yet to release a photo.

Other crime news: A mob of late teenage males attacked and beat three people in Prince William County Saturday night. Two men were convicted in the second-degree 2008 murder of Franklin Johnson during a home invasion in the District. A 12-year-old boy was stabbed in Leesburg on Sunday. The 16-year-old charged with stabbing another teen at the National Zoo on Easter Monday pled guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying that weapon.

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