Some people believe that there's a fine art to planning how you’ll watch the Super Bowl, otherwise known as the mother of all “Sunday Fundays.”

View Photo Gallery: Super Bowl Sunday is a notorious day for excessive eating — the second-largest day for food consumption, according to the USDA. Charles Platkin, an assistant professor at the City University of New York School of Public Health and founder of, examines just how many football-related activities it would take to burn off the calories of some of America’s favorite game-day snacks.

In my experience, zeroing in on the person in my circle of friends with the best television and biggest couch and forcing this person to throw a party has always proven to be the most effective planning method. For you homebodies, I’ve whittled down our many lists of awesome recipes to just a few realistic, make-the-day-of-the-party dishes. And for those of you who actually go to bars to watch New York and New England face off, a list of the most Sunday Funday-friendly is after the jump:

View Photo Gallery: Prepare an impressive game-day spread with recipes for salsa, wings, chili and more from our Recipe Finder.

Let’s talk basic Super Bowl recipes.

The intrepid foodies at All We Can eat have dreamt up such creations as chickpea hush puppies and asiago and pecorino cheese biscotti. These sound delicious but I can say with confidence that I will never probably never end up at the kind of Super Bowl party where these dishes are on the menu. Back to basics:

Party Mix

Hands-down best chicken wings (Always up for debate.)

Hot chicken dip ... and hot chicken dip veggie-style

Tostadas with chorizo, guac and fresh cheese

Let’s talk bars that actually have some sitting room.

Washingtonian and Going Out Guide have nearly identical lists of ”where to watch the Super Bowl” spots. The good part about both of them is that they offer tips on how to find available seating. Some of their choices:

Arlington Cinema N’ Drafthouse. Free access to the big screen. Enough said.

Bottom Line. This bar can fill up. The tater tots and $2.50 Miller Lites (if that’s your thing) are worth it.

Nellies. For as packed as this place gets, the ambitious can always score a table.

Union Pub. Three words to describe this Capitol Hill watering hole: Corn dog buckets.

• One they didn’t catch: The Getaway. There are tons of tables, couches and screens at this Columbia Heights bar.

One last thing: Super Bowl forecast

This must-know before you go gallivanting around comes from Capital Weather Gang: “Temperatures should head toward the mid-40s or even as high as 50 in a less-stormy scenario. That should help promote a relatively worry free outing to Super Bowl events.”