Tuesday night Metro madness. (Courtesy of Joe Webster)

Brutal delays and station crowding Tuesday evening, followed by the same thing Wednesday morning, resulted in well-documented chaos.

The background: Shuttle buses were used to transport passengers stranded on the Orange Line after a 39-year-old McLean man seemingly intentionally placed himself in front of a train at Clarendon Station during rush hour Tuesday. (He’s alive and listed in serious condition.) Commuters had an awful time getting home and blamed Metro for failing to get people where they needed to be.

And those frustrated commuters had smartphones. Angry tweets and photos of crowded stations poured forth, and soon Twitter was as angry and crowded as an Orange Line Metro station. But were these riders tweeting into a vacuum?

Something that incensed Unsuck DC Metro reader “Danny” wrote about the situation poses an interesting question: In a commuting disaster, when should Metro take to Twitter and Facebook for crowd control?

“Heads should roll. . . . In a crazy situation like this, Metro needs to speak in plain English, they need to retweet pictures form the incident and let riders know just how bad things really so they’ll avoid the mess in the first place.”

What’s lacking from Metro when a commute becomes disastrous? In July, Washington Post reporter Dana Hedgpeth wrote about revamped social media efforts at Metro, but from the sound of it there’s still something missing. Tell us in the comments below what you think is missing from Metro’s social media presence or by using #iwishwmata on Twitter.

RT @postlocal After two brutal commutes in a row, Metro riders are angry. Fill in the blank: #IwishWMATA WOULD GIVE ME A REFUND.Wed Oct 12 19:01:58 via webJohn Price

Would improve the X2. RT @postlocal After two brutal commutes in a row, Metro riders are angry. Fill in the blank: #IwishWMATA ______.Wed Oct 12 19:00:28 via webSpirit Equality

.@postlocal #IwishWMATA could catch a break - blame political games and budget-cutting, not transit workers: http://t.co/HcVAu2Aq #1uWed Oct 12 19:05:27 via webjennifer kauffman

#IwishWMATA develop/ publish an emergency mgmt plan to handle suicides/suicide attempts. These suicides are becoming more and more common.Wed Oct 12 19:26:28 via webB. Christine C.

@postlocal #IwishWMATA would understand that at the end of the day, getting home is the most important thing in the worldWed Oct 12 19:26:14 via webCRBDUKE