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Tareq Salahi, estranged husband of ‘Real Housewife’ Michaele, to auction couple’s belongings

Michaela and Tareq Salahi in happier days. This weekend, Tareq, who has filed for divorce, will auction off a variety of the couple’s personal items. (Stephen Boitano/BRAVO)

“Tareq decided to sell these items to get rid of them and help calm his anger management issues,” Salahi’s spokeswoman Anouska De Georgioua told Reuters Thursday. “It’ll also help bring closure to his relationship with Michaele.”

Last month, Salahi reported his wife missing, only to discover that Michaele had run away and was having an affair with a guitarist from the rock band Journey. Tareq filed for divorce.

Salahi is putting up 37 personal items up for sale, Reuters reports. Among them are his platinum wedding ring, sculptures, underwear and bathrobes. It is unclear whether the underwear was worn and whether it belonged to Mr. or Mrs. Salahi.

As for the bathrobes, Roxanne Roberts of the Post’s Reliable Source explains in an online chat that they were scammed from luxury hotels.

“The trick was this, according to Tareq: [Michaele would] arrive at the room and immediately call down to the desk complaining that only one of two bathrobes were in the room. (This was a lie.) Housekeeping would send the "second" bathrobe, which she then packed to take home. No missing bathrobe, no charge when they checked out. 

“Yes, it's a skill, of sorts. It would never occur to me to scam a hotel for a BATHROBE. Such low stakes. They always seem to think small, like a limo ride or a free meal. No long-term strategy.”

Reuters reported that an undisclosed portion of the proceeds from the auction, which will be held in Beverly Hills on Saturday, will be donated to charity.

Salahi’s rep told Reuters the auction is not a publicity stunt or money-making scheme.

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