Energy drinks are notorious when it comes to flavor. After all, their main purpose isn’t to be a delicious beverage. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder which energy drink is the tastiest.

Which popular energy drink is the tastiest? (Maggie Fazeli Fard/The Washington Post)

To find out, we conducted a completely unscientific taste test right here in our newsroom. Sixteen brave Washington Post staffers sipped on samples of five popular drinks — Amp, Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar and Starbucks Doubleshot. (The name of each beverage was concealed.)

The “blind” taste test. (Maggie Fazeli Fard/The Washington Post)

Then we asked the taste-testers to put aside any biases based on the drink’s energy-promoting qualities and instead focus solely on one thing: taste.

How did each drink fare?

With seven votes, the Starbucks Doubleshot was the most popular — mainly because of its mocha flavor, according to several testers. As one anonymous taste-tester put it, the Doubleshot was the “least objectionable, in terms of sweetness.”

Comments on the drinks overall included these:

“most unfortunate color”

“cough syrup flavor”

“root beer and bile”

“tastes like perfume”

Tell us: Did we get it right? Vote for your favorite energy drink below.

DisclaimerThis is a non-scientific user poll. Results are not statistically valid and cannot be assumed to reflect the views of Washington Post users as a group or the general population.