Melody Records is one of several Washington-area institutions that recently announced plans to close. (Kevin Clark/THE WASHINGTON POST)

We asked readers to take a moment to get nostalgic and tell us which shuttered D.C. area institutions you miss most — and you didn’t disappoint with your answers.

More than 100 of you have responded, many with dozens of examples of stores, restaurants, bars and other establishments that paint the picture of a bygone era when independent retailers dominated the landscape.

Woodward & Lothrop, Erol’s Video Club, Little Tavern, Kemp Mill Records, Olsson’s Books and Records, Waxie Maxie’s, Britches of Georgetown, Hecht’s and Vesuvio’s Pizza are just a few of the favorites that made the list multiple times.

Here are a few of your comments:

“Woodies. Hechts. Hechingers. Record Lords. The Biograph. Commander Salamander. The Bayou. 9:30 club. The Psychedeli and Root Boy Slim. Little Taven burgers. My old high school before they tore it down. But the BEST BBQ was Little Pigs in Rockville Old Town just down from the now gone Chestnut Lodge. Brick oven and was the best pork on the planet and I went vegetarian when they closed down. Gosh I am getting OLD if I remember the good old days!” — katoo

“It really gives me the blues to see so many favorite places closing or already closed.” — Bfeely600

“The Trover Shop. I worked there for three years after arriving here. There was no better introduction to life on the Hill. The owner, Joe Shuman, was good to me. I loved the place and, politics aside, I will never get used to seeing the current occupant in that space.” — stevec3

“We are losing our soul as a community. Everything’s gone all bland and featureless. We live in a Walmart World.” — FurgusonFoont