While he was coaching the Redskins, three-time Super Bowl Champion and Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Joe Gibbs often pointed to his strong Christian faith as one of the primary guiding forces in his life.

In this recent interview with The Washington Post’s Sally Quinn, editor-in-chief for On Faith, Gibbs discusses where his beliefs come from, his concept of happiness as well as moments that have tested his faith.

Retired from football for a second time, Gibbs now focuses much of his attention on his noted NASCAR team. However, he also is anxious to share how his religion has provided him with a foundation for success and how a similar path can help others achieve their goals.

His “Gameplan for Life” book and Web site provide advice and anecdotes in several areas such as money and career, relationships and family and God, all intended to “help people get the most out of life.”

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