Good morning. Welcome to the last week of July, when it should be hot and humid, but not scorching. At least for now.

Maryland’s congressional delegation is far more white than the population of the state as a whole. But the members have attained leadership positions due to their longevity. So here’s the question: Should redistricting attempt to create more majority-black districts at the risk of losing this power?

A Nebraska physician who performs late-term abortions talks about why he’s also practicing in Germantown and how he went from a provider of abortions to an activist. Abortion opponents have followed him to Maryland.

The National Mall is known as the nation’s front yard, but for many people, it’s also a playground. Here’s a video series about those who make the Mall a home away from home.

A sample of Air France's first class lobster dish from Gate Gourmet. The lobster is served on a mango coulis. (Astrid Riecken/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

If you read the touching story about Evan Moss, the epileptic boy who wrote a book to raise money to buy a seizure dog, you’ll be happy to learn that thousands of dollars were raised Sunday and Evan got to meet some seizure dogs who belong to other people like him.

Another story worth visiting, if you missed it over the weekend: Car thefts have dropped precipitously in the past few years, thanks to better technology and police work.

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