Proper escalator usage. (Photo by Matt McClain/For The Washington Post) (FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Maybe I should be more specific.

I’m talking about planking. It’s a much talked-about phenomenon that requires the participant — “planker?” — to lie facedown and completely still in unexpected places. Like, for instance, the Gallery Place Metro escalator:

This was first spotted by Unsuck D.C. Metro, but TBD has compiled an exhaustive list of people planking on escalators here. The intrepid journalists at BlogPost published a planking explainer in May, but are already on to the next craze: Owling, which involves crouching and clinging to a railing-like apparatus in the manner of the nocturnal prowler. Or Richard Simmons.

Anyway, back to planking: Where would you plank in Washington if you could? As the temps climb to 100 degrees, I’m pretty sure I’d pick the counter of any FrozenYo in the Washington metro area.