With ears tuned to the shuffle of feet, the ding-dings of closing doors and the whoosh of moving trains, a D.C.-based DJ found something musical within the din.

Baltimore native Nacey mixed a song, “Next Station (The Metro Song)” with clips provided by the crew at Social Studies DC. It’s something unexpectedly zen found within the hecticness of Metro life. Nacey isn’t the first musician to take Metro’s sounds and do something creative.

Last week, The Post’s Dana Hedgpeth explored Rene Moffat’s “Route 42” tune, a song Moffat said was another example of the “love/hate” relationship so many riders have with Metro. Indeed. Some more “transit rock” initiatives are listed below:

“My main vision is to build more awareness and appreciation for transit.” Jason Mendelson, a tax analyst-turned-musician, wrote more than 80 songs about Metro stations, including Petworth, U Street and Ballston.

“No, announcer lady, that is not my bag.” YouTube success Remy Munasafi contributed his two cents with ”Metro Song” in 2010.

Honk, screeeeeetch. Repeat. The Post’s Chris Richards trolled Metro lines in 2011 in search of accidental ambient music found on the escalators. (Listen in here.)

This has me thinking: What songs would be in your Metro playlist? Leave your ideas in the comments below and I’ll create a Spotify playlist.