Metro swing: Literally the last thing you'd imagine ever happening on Metro (Warren Zhang/Screengrab via

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People love to talk about how awful Metro is. Delays, outages and possible fare increases give us plenty to complain about.

TBD writes: “In the video, a small group of young people have attached a swing in the middle of a Metro car on the Green Line. Big ropes have been rigged to the top of two Metro poles, and in the middle, a comfortable-looking wooden seat. The three young people on camera — Roger Curley, Kirsten Petersen, and Maia Werbos — invite other commuters to join them for a sit on the swing.”

Among the brave souls to try it: A mother and her young daughter; a woman with a beautiful voice belting out “The Christmas Song”; and a man dressed in business casual yelping out “whee!” as the train accelerates.

It’s funny to imagine how different this experiment would’ve gone if they’d attempted it in the middle of rush hour, but thankfully, the crowds look light and the other riders seem reasonably happy about the distraction. Behold, the Metro swing:

Hat tip to TBD on Foot.

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