The Washington Post has partnered with American University to showcase student work through AU's Race, Ethnic and Community Reporting class and through the Community Voice Project .

Reporting class students are investigating the ways in which diverse ethnic groups maintain their traditions and interact with each other in a broad spectrum of D.C. neighborhoods. Here are some of their stories:

• New Mixture, new questions in Petworth

• Two voices from the District’s Southeast

• Mt. Pleasant Latinos share in home cultures

• Florida Avenue Still awaiting its renaissance

• In Mount Pleasant, immigrant communities ‘occupy D.C.’ their way

• Petworth, a suburb in the city

• A new taste and voice emerge in Southeast Washington

• On H Street, gentrification is complex

• Mt. Pleasant Latinos share in home cultures

See a recent video by the Community Voice Project about a drug dealer-turned-falconer, and read the accompanying story.

For more information, visit the Community Voice Project website or contact Filmmaker-in-Residence Nina Shapiro-Perl at