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But last Friday’s shooting was far from the first shocking incident reported on or near White House grounds. View a timeline after the jump:

Latest incident: Ortega-Hernandez, suspect in the Nov. 11 White House shooting, ‘hates the president.’ (Associated Press)

February 2001: Secret Service patrol reports a man firing shots and waving a handgun at the White House fence.Officers subdue him with a single shot to the knee.

May 1995: A Virginia man is shot on the White House lawn after scaling a fence with an unloaded gun. Later that year, a Texas man is arrested near the White House and is found with a rifle in his car.

Sept. 12, 1994: Frank Eugene Corder dies after flying a single-engine Cessna into the White House lawn. President Bill Clinton and the First Family were not home at the time.

Feb. 17, 1974: U.S. Army Private Robert K. Preston stole a military helicopter from Fort Meade, and hovered over the White House for about six minutes before landing on the South Lawn. Preston staged the incident to show his piloting skills.

For more items, check out timelines from the Associated Press and The Washington Examiner.

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