(Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

•Beyond DC takes a look at how bicycles and streetcars are able to function together in Amsterdam, and concludes the same peaceful co-existence is possible in DC.

•Frozen Tropics brings details and pictures from the Trinidad neighborhood’s first Art in the Alley event, which included music, art, food and even free massages.

•Russian Machine Never Breaks translates NHL great Teemu Selanne’s interview with a Russian news outlet, including his thoughts on Alex Ovechkin’s recent tribulations.

•Broads of the Beltway reflects on a past life as a professional dog walker, and lists some of the worst traits of her former employers. Thankfully, it seems no one ever took her to court for failing to clean up after her one of her pooches.

•Bacon’s Rebellion sees six broad strategic areas where Republicans can make a lasting mark on Virginia following the party gaining control over all levels of state government in Tuesday’s election.

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