Led by chef Kaz Okochi, D.C.-area chefs are doing their part to raise money for victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Metrocurean says Okochi has put together a series of eBay auctions to raise money for the relief effort. Other area eateries are also pitching in, including Sprinkles, the new cupcake shop in Georgetown, which will sell red velvet cupcakes Mar. 22 to raise money for the Red Cross.

It seems like these things happen in waves — and now that the weather is getting warmer, we may see an uptick in the number of bicycle thefts. And so, some tips from The Wash Cycle on how to keep your bike secure.
The Heights Life has done a little sniffing around and is excited about a possible new tenant in Columbia Heights – DSW Shoe Warehouse.

We Love DC reports that the circus is in town and Mar. 22 is the annual “Elephant Walk” through the streets of D.C. The event brings out a mix of folks from those who oppose the use of animals in circuses to families and tourists.

Photos of this past weekend’s Super Moon as seen from Arlington. Thanks to ARLNow.com.

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