"Bossypants" by Tina Fey (Nicole Arthur)

If you didn’t, well, we’re in the same boat. (And by boat, I mean streaming “30 Rock” in pajamas wishing a platter of cheesy blasters would magically appear.)

In any case, Fey is in Washington promoting her new book, “Bossypants,” which The Post’s Nicole Arthur characterizes as “all setups and punch lines,” as if “Fey and and Liz Lemon, the self-loathing comedy writer Fey plays on [“30 Rock”], are struggling, exorcism-style, for control of the book.”

If Fey’s show is half as scary as her book sounds, it’s sure to be awesome.

Read the full book review here.

And tell us: Are you planning to attend the show — or partake in any other Tina Fey/Liz Lemon-inspired activity — tonight? Share your plans and reviews of the show in the comments below.