Proposed development rendering for the new site at Union Station. A view of the concourse and platform area that Amtrak has proposed building behind the existing Union Station building, with wide hallways and connections that the agency said would reduce congestion and improve connections for passengers within the station. (Courtesy of Amtrak)

With an eye toward increasing passenger capacity and reducing overcrowding, Amtrak proposed a $7 billion overhaul of Union Station on Wednesday. While the ambitious plan, which includes a 3-million square foot development behind the station was widely praised; the challenge now is figuring out how to fund this bold vision. Despite the high cost, Greater Greater Washington believes the investment is worth it.

“Union Station is the second-busiest Amtrak station in the nation, falling only behind New York's Penn Station. It handles an estimated 100,000 passenger trips each day, but the station is home to outdated infrastructure and crowded spaces.”

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