But those days are going the way of the rotary phone, and not just because today’s kids probably have no idea what a Slip ‘n Slide is.

After 70 years of offering weather and time (844-1212) by telephone, Verizon is pulling the plug on the services June 1.

"Time and weather services are a remnant of another era - when sources for this information were very limited,” wrote Verizon spokeswoman Sandra Arnette in an e-mail to Metro columnist John Kelly, who wrote about the decision to nix the services. “That's no longer the case, as people can get time and weather information from radio, TV weather channels, online sites, wireless phones, PDAs and many landline phones."

Tell us: Are you disappointed by the impending doom of 936-1212 (and 844-1212)? Or did you — like me and 39 percent of poll responders — have no idea these services even existed?

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