Wale performs at Yardfest Music festival at Howard University on Oct. 29. (Josh Sisk/For The Washington Post)

DC or Nothing” is rising to the top of Twitter trending topics, bolstered by fans of the song and by the 27-year-old rapper himself:

DC or Nothing is trending worldwide... thats crazy for my city youngTue Nov 01 05:45:44 via webTone P

You can listen to “DC or Nothing” here (FYI: The lyrics contain profanity.) In it, Wale hints at, among other issues, Washington politicians, D.C.’s changing racial makeup and the city’s AIDS rate. Though fans on Twitter are hailing the single as the album’s best, Washington Post reviews on “Ambition” in general are lukewarm.

From pop music critic Chris Richards: “After four years of buzzing in our ear, Wale resembles one of those Washington institutions that you can’t stop rooting for. Like the Redskins or the Wizards on a losing streak, the rapper’s worst days manage to make us feel like his best days are ahead of him.”

How would you rate Wale’s sophomore effort?

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