Washington, known to us locals as Land of the Hellish 74-hour-per-year Commute, gets four stars when it comes to commuting by bike, according to a recent round of data crunching from HopStop.


Hopstop, a Web site dedicated to dispensing car-free travel information, took numbers from more than 400 million routes and 2.25 miles traveled to turn back the following: Washington, D.C., is best when it comes to the bike commute and the number of calories burned during each route.

When it comes to traveling by car, it’s another story. More Maryland and Virginia drivers commute to another county than anywhere else in the nation, which — I’mjust guessing here — possibly contributes to the average of 74 hours spent in traffic and the $1,495 in lost wages per commuter. It’s no surprise that going car-free in D.C. is becoming increasingly common. Now, if we could all just get along ...

Peruse HopStop’s graphic below:


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(Hat tip to WSJ.)