Inside L2 Lounge in Georgetown. (Holly E. Thomas/The Washington Post)

These are the findings of the “Vanity Survey,” a nationwide LivingSocial poll that pitted egos against egos to find out which city is America’s vainest.

Based on the question, “How good-looking do you think you are?”, Washington, D.C., ranked as the eighth vainest city.

Miami won top honors for physical confidence, followed by Chicago and Atlanta.

The online survey, conducted last month by Mandala Research, polled 4,000 people in 20 cities. Two hundred of the responders were from the Washington area.

Here’s how our fair capital city ranked in some other categories:

Women here are beautiful — 1st

Men here are metrosexual — 1st

Men here are bald — 1st

People here are superficial — 1st

People here have bad personal hygiene — 2nd

People here are overweight — 3rd

People here dress badly — 4th

People here are athletic — 5th

The survey also found that Washingtonians buy more massages and spa treatments than any other city.

But, if you take a closer look at the numbers, a high ranking doesn’t really equate to confidence in our fellow Washingtonians.

For example, only 58 percent of responders — not an overwhelming majority — said they think D.C. women are beautiful. We came in first place only because fewer people in other cities thought their female residents are good-looking.

D.C. men didn’t fare much better: They were ranked fourth in terms of looks, but only 42 percent of responders actually think men here are handsome.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, apparently, as long as the beholder is looking in a mirror at the time,” LivingSocial local trends expert Amy Wolf said in a statement.

“When most Americans look at the people around them, however, they are less generous in their assessments.”

Let’s put Wolf’s theory to the test with our own poll. Take a good look at the person closest to you right now. And tell us: How good-looking is he/she?

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