Here’s some good news for job-hunters and recent grads: Washington has been named the best city for finding employment right now.

The ranking published by Forbes magazine is based on the D.C. area’s diversity of industries, cost of living, the range in size of businesses that are hiring, and the education level among residents.

View Photo Gallery: Washington was named the best place to land a job right now. See what other superlatives — some absurd, some painfully accurate and all entertaining — have been bestowed on the capital.

Washington — which in this report included D.C., Arlington and Alexandria — beat out other major U.S. cities because it has “a large population of degreed individuals which matches the skill sets that are seeing the most demand right now: business and professional services, engineering and healthcare,” Bob Kovalsky, a senior vice president of the firm that compiled the report, told Forbes.

Also working in the capital region’s favor are its strong school systems, mass transit and commuting options, large number of colleges and universities, and relatively low unemployment rate.

Austin, Texas, and Ithaca, N.Y., took the 2nd- and 3rd-place spots. Baltimore came in at number 9. See the full list after the jump.

Best Cities for Finding Employment:

1. Washington, D.C.

2. Austin, Texas

3. Ithaca, N.Y.

4. Boston, Mass.

5. Portland, Maine

6. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

7. Nashville, Tenn.

8. Columbus, Ohio

9. Baltimore, Md.

10. Pittsburgh, Penn.

More D.C. superlatives:

Second-fittest city

No. 1 nationwide for traffic congestion

Sixth least-attractive city

Third-rudest city

Sixth most-caffeinated city

42nd manliest city

Sixth most hipster region

Most literate city

Happiest single ladies

Singles are nation’s biggest boozers

One of nation’s least stressed-out cities

Seventh most fun city

Ninth most fashionable

D.C. is tops for women’s well-being