D.C. area traffic is terrible. But it could be worse, according to a new study. (JASON REED/REUTERS)

According to a new report by GPS manufacturer TomTom, Washington is the sixth most congested city in the two countries, trailing Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco, Montreal and Toronto.

Among only U.S. cities, Washington is the third most congested.

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The study, which looked at travel times between April and June 2012, found that car trips in the Washington area take 26 percent longer during rush hours than non-rush hours.

That amounts to 80 hours worth of delays in a year for anyone with a 30-minute commute, researchers found.

As bad as that sounds, the ranking may come as good news to those who remember a similar ranking last year that placed the D.C. at the top of the most-congested list.

And European cities, according to another TomTom study, have it even worse.

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