Good Monday morning. How was your weekend? Did you get it at the Post Hunt? Did you go the distance at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure? Did you meet a legend at your kid’s Little League game? No worries, because today’s weather is going to be spectacular, although you will probably be sequestered indoors.

Here’s another chat you won’t want to miss, with D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray at 1 p.m., the same day that Sulaimon Brown, the failed mayoral candidate who just won’t give up, finally testifies before the D.C. Council. Or so he says. You can send in questions for the mayor in advance.

The Greek tragedy of former Prince George’s County executive Jack B. Johnson is parsed in this piece from Paul Schwartzman and Ovetta Wiggins. It’s a long one, so sit back and contemplate the human foibles and failings that afflict the mighty as you read.

David Rivas explains how he figured out the county was changing transmission fluid too often in its buses, wasting money. (Michael Laris/WASHINGTON POST)

More to come, unfortunately. One dead, two injured in a Centreville stabbing this morning. Three people died early Sunday in a crash involving a drunk driver in Prince George’s County. All the most recent dismal evidence of man’s inhumanity to man can be found at the Crime Scene blog.

Ladies, take a deep breath. Denzel (DENZEL!) Washington is filming a movie in the District. If we knew where, do you really think we’d share it before we got there our own selves?

The Carlyle Group, the very, very private and powerful private equity firm that manages more than $100 billion invested in 270 companies and properties around the world, is going to go for an initial public offering. The Post’s Tom Heath got inside the doors for a preview.

Colorful lines. The man who designed the original Metrorail map is back. Dana Hedgpeth has a fascinating profile of the legendary Lance Wyman, in case you missed it, hidden as it was on the bottom of page 1 Sunday (we know, we know, you were out at the PostHunt).

Tough times with the spouse? Need a little inspiration? Listen to some of the advice that people who have been married 25 years and more have to offer, from a celebration at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Nats win after 11th-inning grand-slam!

No way can we top that news, so let’s just agree we will meet again on PostLocal.