Tim Craig’s story about Marion Barry apparently driving a jaguar that has “inactive” tags and is not registered with the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles is generating a lot of comments. Some are outraged. Others are exasperated after numerous scandals involving Barry over the years. Still others think the issue is small potatoes. Where do you come down? See what readers are saying and leave a comment.

Reader Debate
Can you imagine taking a ride with this guy? Stoplights? What stoplights? We’re off to the 495 deathrace! Hahahaha!"

- jbksss 8:30 AM

Could those of you in Ward 8 change the status of his political career to “inactive” next time you get the chance?"

- Gus_Baker 8:30 AM

Why doesn’t Barry just get a license plate with his name on it, [so] the DC police won’ake the mistake of ticketing his car again."

- udontknowme1 8:11 AM

Maybe Kwame could loan him a Navigator while this gets sorted out?"

- mikecapitolhill 4:23 AM