Apparently — if the Doomsday caravan’s warnings are correct — the End of Days is May 21. This leaves us just 15 days to plan.

If staying at home weren’t an option, where would you go? What would you do?

Would you go for a long hike or bike ride through one of the Washington area’s many nature trails? Dig into a big stone bowl of bibimbap at Mandu? Or go on a shopping spree, racking up credit card charges you wouldn’t be able to pay off, no matter how long you lived?

Sure, Harold Camping — the man behind the warnings — predicted the end of the world back in 1994, and his math could very well be wrong once again.

But just in case the Four Horsemen really are on their way, tell us: If the end were truly nigh, where in the D.C. area would you spend your final hours?

For a little inspiration, check out the Going Out Guide’s calendar listing for May 21, which happens to fall on a Saturday. A chili cookoff + hard rock benefit never sounded so good.

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