In celebration of D.C. Squirrel Week, we asked readers to send us their squirrel photos and, well, you went (wait for it) nuts.

We received more than 150 photos of squirrels — from black squirrels to fuzzy-tailed gray squirrels. Many of the photos pictured the critters as mischievous nut-gatherers, wreaking havoc on plants, taunting house pets and using their quirky rodent charm to get snacks.

Here are a few of our favorite submissions.

photo submitted by user maxinator29 (photo submitted by user maxinator29)

user-submitted photo (user-submitted photo)

submitted by user Loryjones (submitted by user Loryjones)

You can see the full gallery and upload your own squirrel photos here. And share your squirrel stories using #DCSquirrelWeek.