I'd like to start by apologizing for the issues with the newsletter links yesterday. We're working out some new things here at Lunchline headquarters, so basically, the Internet ate my homework. That aside, it'll be another scorcher today, so make sure to stay cool. I think I'm going to do that by going to the movies. What should I see?

Last night's no-vote in Congress on the debt plan was a big letdown for some. And while a potential U.S. government default worries some countries across the globe, right here in town municipalities could be looking at drastically different futures should something not get worked out on Capitol Hill. If the federal government's credit rating is downgraded, suburban counties will take a direct hit, too. The Post's David S. Hilzenrath reports on the latest announcement from Moody's. Also, Slate's Shankar Vedantam argues that you can't blame Congress for not getting much done -- it's designed for exactly that purpose.

Surveillance photo of a man who has allegedly stabbed or cut several women. (Courtesy of Parvez "Shawn" Kamal)

We're in the dog days of summer and the usual nighttime haunts and brunch dates might be getting stale. If you're looking for a way to mix up your activity schedule without necessarily getting on a plane or dropping too much money, a trip to a regional winery is a great way to go. It's a tremendous option for a day or even a weekend, if you're into that. The Going Out Guide compiled a useful list of Virginia's wineries and brewpubs that you can get away to without a major hassle. On a sidenote, these places tend to be gorgeous.

I've mentioned before that the AP Stylebook is the lifeblood of the Express newsroom. When it comes to regulating how we present the written word, for the most part, that's our guiding force. And it turns out that there's one man who's responsible for not only ensuring consistent grammar rules for editors and writers, but also to answer questions like "What is the plural of meatloaf?" The Post's Paul Farhi profiles David Minthorn, the AP's deputy standards editor. Also, test your grammar knowledge!

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, right, controls the ball past Chicago Fire's Baggio Husdic during the second half of a friendly soccer match Chicago Fire at Soldier Field Saturday, July 23. (Nam Y. Huh/AP)

Extra Bites

• It's a known fact that I'm into graffiti, but in general, the urban art world is of grand interest to me because of the innovative ways many artists push the envelope. Check out this piece named 'Rural City' by EVOL. Take your time and start at the top. I absolutely love this work.

• In some minds, Nas is the best rapper of all-time. So, why is he performing at a sports bar in Fairfax City? The State of NoVa's Tom Jackman explains why, pointing out that the show "has the same ring as 'Usher at Woodbridge Middle School.'"

• If you've never seen the YouTube feature 'Will It Blend?' you've been missing out. Now, they take on The Washington Post.

• This should keep you occupied until happy hour. Happy weekend, safety first!

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