A D.C. elementary school student was charged with possession of a controlled substance after being accused of bringing cocaine to school and sharing it with four other students. The students were hospitalized after the incident, although officials said they were never seriously ill.

DCPS Letter to Parents Re: Cocaine Incident at Thomson Elementary

The arrest shocked parents at Thomson Elementary in NW and has sparked conversation on the web. A number of readers are weighing in on who is to blame for the incident and how to deal with drugs in schools.

mccaskid writes

Why in the world would they charge an 8 year old with ‘possession of a controlled substance? I would like to hear the child’s answer when the judge ask him/her ‘Do you understand your charge?’ Geez. Charge the parents will ya!

concernedaboutdc seconded the sentiment:

Does Kaya Henderson still believe that we should not be holding parents responsible for truancy and this kind of reckless behavior?

JKJ88 says the arrest is a byproduct of the nation’s failed drug policy:

I’ll bet you don’t see stuff like this happen in the school systems of The Netherlands and Portugal where they have implemented pragmatic drug policy based on science, education, reason, and logic that treat drugs as a health issue. I agree that this event is tragic, but it is our wrong-headed harmful drug policies that continue to create these unintended consequences.

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