Readers of the Drudge Report may be familiar with Susanne Eman, an Arizona woman who claims to be on a quest to become the world’s fattest woman. She’s reportedly hoping one day to weigh a ton; so far, she’s achieved 728 pounds. (A ton = 2,000 pounds.)

The more weight I put on the better I felt, and the more confidence I seemed to gain. I began to change the way I did things according to my weight. I wasn't out running marathons by any means, but I tried to stay as active as possible. I began to eat just a bit more each day than the previous day. Before I knew it I was 700. I'm still very healthy, very mobile, and active. I'm looking forward to pushing the limits and seeing just how fat I can get. It's hard to put into words what it feels like.

Recent research adds to the body of evidence that overweight doesn’t necessarily equal unhealthy. That’s the stance of the Health at Every Size approach, advocates of which argue that people can be healthy no matter how much they weigh.

Still, the media tends to treat people like Eman as curiosities, if not freaks. But the scientific literature, as far as I can tell, is silent on the matter of ultra-obese people who seek to gain weight. I’d like to learn more about the phenomenon. I’ll keep you posted.