If you or a friend or loved one has experienced infertility, you know it’s not a laughing matter. So creating a video that features a woman dressed as a bird and a man dressed as, yes, a bee -- rapping, no less, about their inability to conceive -- was a bit of risky venture.

But that’s just what the pharmaceutical company EMD Serono, maker of a fertility drug called Gonal-f, has done. The video, “Early Bird Catches the Sperm” and posted on the Facebook page “Birds & Bees: The Real Story,” is meant to raise awareness and to encourage couples having difficulty conceiving to consult a reproductive endocrinologist. The Birds & Bees campaign officially launched Thursday.

The video portrays the bird-and-bee couple as a pair of professionals who’ve realized their biological clocks are ticking. It’s well-crafted, informative and, I thought, amusing. But I wonder what people who have had trouble -- in some cases, lots of excruciating trouble -- conceiving a child would think of it.

Have a look and share your thoughts in the comments section.