I’ve been thinking a lot about snacking lately. Not about having a snack myself, but about the phenomenon in which people eat food at times other than standard mealtimes, sometimes for sustenance but often just for fun. I’ve been thinking about snacking so much, I plan to write an upcoming Eat, Drink and Be Healthy column about it.

I’m not the only one focused on snacks. One of the bloggers whose work I like reading, Snack Girl, posted this entry just as I sat down to write this blog. It’s about the effects snacking on junk food has on rats, who are biologically similar to humans when it comes to eating and metabolism.

It seems everyone has something to say about snacking. (Funny word, that. It’s somehow different from “eating snacks.”) Some view small snacks as a healthful means of weight management, feeding your body little meals throughout the day instead of three larger ones several hours apart. Others see snacks as sources of unneeded calories and nutrients and blame them for spoiling people’s appetites for those more nutritious three meals a day.

What are your sentiments re: snacking? Please share them in the comments section; I may be back in touch about including your thoughts in my column.

Please have a safe and happy Fourth of July. In case you missed last week’s column about better-for-you backyard barbecues, here it is again.