It’s not exactly breaking news that the Mars company has pledged to limit the calories in all its chocolate candies to 250; the company announced that last fall as part of its “Principles in Action” statement. But it’s suddenly become newsworthy, with this Associated Press report circulating this week and other media outlets calling attention to it, too.

In addition to cutting back on the sodium in its products and limiting its advertising to kids, here’s exactly what Mars has committed to vis a vis calories: “Not to ship any Mars chocolate products that exceed 250 calories per portion by the end of 2013.”

As the AP reports, that might not be so hard for Mars to achieve, as “a standard Snickers bar currently has 280 calories. A package of Twix and a bag of peanut M&M’s each clock in at 250 calories.” But the pledge spells the end of the super-size Snickers.

Do you have any clue how many calories your favorite candy bar contains? Do you appreciate Mars’s efforts at calorie control? Or do you think 250 calories is still outrageous for a candy bar?