I blogged recently about the fact that Mars has pledged “not to ship any Mars chocolate products that exceed 250 calories per portion by the end of 2013.”

The key phrase there is “per portion.”

By pure coincidence, my daughter had mailed my husband what at first glance looked like a king-size Snickers bar for Valentine’s Day. That’s his favorite candy, and why skimp on a regular size when it’s a special occasion?

When my husband opened the package after supper last night, he was surprised to find it contained two smaller Snickers bars instead of the single, extra-large one he’d anticipated.

A closer look at the package revealed this to be the new Snickers 2toGo: “Save one for later,” it advises, suggesting we “twist to close” the half of the package holding the second mini-Snickers.

Indeed, the front-of-package nutrition symbol said the product contained 220 calories — and, in much smaller type — per serving.

So, for those with the willpower and discipline to save that second Snickers half for later, yes, these Snickers deliver fewer than 250 calories per serving. For the rest of us, though, it seems like a king-size Snickers in sheep’s clothing.

Having noted that, though, I still give Mars credit for being a market leader in reducing calories, sodium and trans fats in its products. The package label on my husband’s Snickers bar was in fact pretty straightforward, had we taken the time to read it before ripping in. And even if you eat both bars, Snickers 2toGo has fewer calories — 440 versus 510 — than the former king-size bar. (The king-size bar actually contained, according to its package, three servings at 170 calories each.) Plus, I suppose it is a bit easier to resist eating the second half of a Snickers bar if it’s already been separated into two discrete servings, right?