Dude, what would you do if you got a Facebook friend request from a baby who had the same name as you — but with “Jr.” tacked to the end?

A Brazilian condom company has come up with a savvy means of encouraging men to use condoms. As the video embedded in this Adweek article about the campaign explains, the company sent young male Facebook users a bogus friend request from the baby that might be conceived if the man neglected to use protection, along with the admonition to “avoid surprises like this one.” The baby’s Facebook profile included a link to the condom company’s Web site.

A big survey of condom use in the United States published Oct. 1 found that condoms were used in just one in four acts of vaginal intercourse. So clearly there’s work to be done in improving that statistic, not just to prevent unplanned pregnancies but also, of course, to protect against sexually transmitted disease. (Stopping the spread of disease, particularly HIV/AIDS, is the main reason an AIDS-prevention advocacy group in Los Angeles has called for legislation requiring actors in porn movies to use condoms when being filmed.)

Is this Facebook campaign a good way to get guys to use condoms? Or is it too silly? Or just kind of freaky?