MANCHESTER, N.H. — In a few short hours, we will start receiving the results of the 2012 New Hampshire GOP primary.

And as we did in Iowa, we here at The Fix have put together a handy little scorecard to track the results — particularly, Mitt Romney’s performance.

Below, we have assembled some key pieces of data in a Google spreadsheet, including how many Republican and independents voters come from each town (results in New Hampshire are tallied by town rather than by county) and what percentage of the vote Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) took in the state’s 2008 primary.

Romney took 32 percent of the vote in the state four years ago, losing by five points to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). Paul finished fifth with 8 percent.

Both figure to do considerably better tonight, and Romney will almost undoubtedly win. The question is by how much.

Keep an eye on the county-by-county totals tonight and compare them to Romney’s performance in 2008 for an indication of by just how much he’ll beat his last showing.

If he’s consistently beating his 2008 numbers by around 10 percent, for example, he should break 40 percent overall, which would be about on-par with what most polling in the state has shown. To help you track the results, we've put that target number in the last column under “Romney target.”